This Video Was Shot in Sabah After the War, 72 Years Later We Found Out Who She Is!

Someone helped us identify this girl who appeared multiple times in this footage taken in 1945, just after World War II.

The Australian War Memorial (AWM) website has a great collection of old photos and footages of North Borneo taken just after World War II.

After Borneo was liberated in 1945, there were many Australian military personnel who brought their cameras to Borneo and shot plenty of interesting photos and silent films.

One of them is this footage taken in Beaufort, Sabah in 1945. It shows a group of Sabahans or North Borneans in Beaufort, a small town in the West Coast of Sabah.

Rail tracks were visible in the footage, which was part of the North Borneo Railway network, the only rail system in Borneo which still operates until today.

After we posted the video on our Facebook page, a lady named Irene Ryvita left a comment saying that’s her mother-in-law.

So we sent Ms Irene a private message to get more details about the girl who appeared in the video.

Her name is Madam Liew Kui Yun and she’s now 87 years old. When the footage was taken Madam Liew would be around 15 years old, based on our calculation.

Ms Irene also said she can’t recall much from the War as she’s not feeling very well for the past few years.

Madam Liew won the Miss Beaufort title during the Children’s Day Carnival held there in August 1945. A much needed celebration after the War.

A photo from AWM below shows Madam Liew wearing a sash and it was the moment when she was announced as Miss Beaufort.

It must be an amazing feeling knowing that your footage has appeared on the internet 72 years later.

Thank you once again to Ms Irene for sharing this piece of amazing history with us.

[Footage and photos by AWM]

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