Post WWII Footage of Jesselton and Japanese POW Internment Camp

We’ve heard horrific stories from senior folks of the Japanese internment (POW) camps at the current airport site near (guess?) in Jesselton. Now take a look at this video.

Just about two weeks ago I posted this blog post about the lost footage of Kudat, Jesselton and Sandakan in colours. I think you would agree that it’s one of the best footages of old North Borneo you’ve ever seen.

Meanwhile, here’s another short silent film which shows a bombed damaged Jesselton and the Japanese POW camps at Jesselton. This footage was shot just after Borneo was liberated in 1945.

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I was surprised there were many Japanese kids here back then and it reminded me of these photos when the Australian troops deported the Japanese from Tawao (old spelling of Tawau).

[footage by AWM]

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  1. A most interesting site. I have just returned from Sabah, staying in KK at the Dreamtel hotel near the Atkinson Clocktower, sought tourist information at the old GPO building and also travelled to Labuan, where my father landed exactly 73 years ago. We also visited Sandakan. Thank you for all this.

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