North Borneo Historical Society Year 2020 Wall Calendar – Support Our Work

Thank you for your support of NBHS! Your contribution will help us continue to run our research and sharing of Sabah’s rich history since 2011.

The 2020 limited edition calendar is only RM19 per copy.

✅ This is something you can use every day for the whole of year 2020

✅ Great as holiday gift or souvenirs for anyone

✅ The photos can later be framed for decorating your home or office

✅ Includes a vintage map of North Borneo

✅ Comes with dates for school holidays, state and national holidays

✅ If you own a company, we can put your logo as your corporate gift at no extra cost

Each photo of the month comes with a high resolution photo of North Borneo with its story and history.

How to order? See below.

Any question please WhatsApp the founder of NBHS Richard at 010-2597946 or email

Order closing November 5th. This your last chance to order!

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Richard Ker

I love the history of North Borneo (Sabah) and strive to digitally archive any related information on this website. Follow me on Twitter @richardker.

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