Kota Kinabalu in 1979 Looked Like a Ghost Town

Ever wonder how Kota Kinabalu looked like in 1979? These vintage photos will take you to a journey through time.

Kota Kinabalu has been developing rapidly over the past decade and if you’re new to Kota Kinabalu it’s hard to identify where the older part of the city is located.

Here are some vintage photos of Kota Kinabalu taken in 1979.

Jalan Tun Razak was once known as Beach Street as it was literally facing the sea. Can you identify some of the buildings above?

You should be able to know where the photo above was shot.

The Hyatt Hotel in Kota Kinabalu was completed in the late 1970’s.

Look at the vintage bus and old Shell station at Jalan KK Bypass. The sign above reads – ‘Manusia yang Durhaka Akan Dihancurkan Allah.’

Can you help identify this building?

Of course, you must head to Signal Hill to capture a panoramic shot of the town.

The road above didn’t look so busy back then. Can you see Atkinson Clock Tower and the old police station?

KK looked so peaceful and quiet in 1979. Surprisingly there were very people on the street. Perhaps the photos were shot on an early Sunday morning?

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  1. Been living and working in Kk from beginning of the eighties until the 84.s. Loved the time so much i did never forget……and always came back after few years. Last time was last year.

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