History of Formation of Malaysia Explained in Beautiful Sketches (Part II)

This is the second part of History of Formation of Malaysia Explained in Beautiful Sketches. If you missed Part I, click here.














… and of course, the 20 points agreement…


Overall, the whole sketches and doodles remind me of my school days when we had to do presentation or projects for history subject. However, we all know that there was little history about Sabah and Sarawak in the Malaysian history textbooks so this is truly refreshing!

Special thank you to the author of the blog doodlinghistory for allowing me to share her wonderful work with everyone!

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Richard Ker

I love the history of North Borneo (Sabah) and strive to digitally archive any related information on this website. Follow me on Twitter @richardker.


  1. Hi, I watched sketches of yours on the formation of Malaysia, I find it interesting for young persons. I just wonder if I can do it in video format which I would like to try -haven’t done one from sketches yet, this is just an idea. What Im saying here is, if you give me permission to use. I will not be changing anything.

    Looking forwad from you the author.


    Amde Sidik

  2. Magnificient way of history telling. Simple yet effective and with humour. Our young generation do not like to read lengthy description but your figuratives will enable them to grasp the basic intention of the formation of Malaysia. The 20 points agreement does not show the issue on our natural resources which probably is the key to our wellbeing.

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